The Purpose of Field Service Software

It’s nice when things are made easier.  That’s why we invented technology in the first place.  Of course, that was back when technology referred to any sort of tool.  A wheel was technology that made it much easier to move objects.  A hammer was technology that made it much easier to, well, hammer things.

Not only did these tools make life easier, but were simple to use and understand.

It Works Faster

The world of field service is fast moving.  The more efficient you can be, the more projects you can manage, and the more money you can make.  Field service software handles dispatch and service scheduling keeping you on task and saving you money.

It Makes Life Easier

It also handles preventative maintenance scheduling.  Field service management no longer has to worry about missing important maintenance work.  The software does all the work, notifying the correct people with the schedule and work orders so everything runs smooth automatically.

As far as billing, you can either bill ahead of time or set it up so the software bills as you go.

It Moves with You

Remember when software was only good if you had a computer that you could plug into a modem?  With the right field service software, that is no longer an issue.  Programs like Sam Pro Enterprise have ServiceAnywhere that works wirelessly on a number of mobile devices.

You can also record and access important information and updates with your phone.  In fact, Sam Pro has Interactive Voice Response so if a person prefers to talk instead of type, they can do that and the software does the rest.

It’s Simple

With all the capabilities field service software has, it would be easy to assume it’s overwhelming.  But the truth is, it’s not.  All the different branches integrate seamlessly together, unifying the operations of your business.  Anyone who has been around a computer can quickly pick it up.  It’s one of those things that once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever operated without it.

So, if your business seems too complex and overbearing, find yourself some field service software.  If you already have software and it tends to make things harder rather than easier, you might want to get some new software.

Because in the end, technology should make life easier.


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