Buying a 3 BHK Flat in Electronic City Bangalore , India

The Prelude: – Regarded as one of the most developed areas of Bangalore, Electronic City continues to be the most sought after real estate location is southern India. The graph of buyers wanting to buy 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats here has always been pointing upwards and it still does.

No person, who wants to buy a good and worthy piece of land in India, will take Bangalore out of the list on any given day. With Bangalore becoming a proven case of being an investment success with a mature population, who understand that money is not everything, every person in their right minds will grab this opportunity if it comes their way. The opportunity to own a decent piece of property in this beautiful urban location situated in southern India. We have all seen the rise of the city as the IT hub and later as being a confident partner for the manufacturing, production and health care industries as well, along with all the other sectors that has ever mattered to the Indian economy. Bangalore is the place to be in today, with a host of other educational and recreational facilities offered at world-class standards. That has contributed to the rise in demand for residential houses in and around Bangalore.

The city of Bangalore, as we know, is a highly developed place with a well-planned civil layout. It has all the facilities one can imagine, just steps away from from wherever you live. As land keeps developing here, it becomes evident that at some time there would be an expansion towards the outer areas. That is from the urban Bangalore to its outskirts, where there is land waiting to be developed for people and industries alike. There had to be a place away from the residential Bangalore where people from all over the world could work and make Bangalore the outsourcing capital of the world. The Konappana Agrahara and Doddathogur villages in Bangalore were the one of the first to be identified as a potential real estate hotspot and accordingly clubbed into what we know as Electronic City, coming with a variety of options for serious home lovers.

Why Electronic City?

Development, ample opportunities and scope for even more to come. These three reasons more than suffice the need to buy a property here. Situated along the Hosur road, Electronic City cannot even be stated to be outside of Bangalore. With a higher level of facilities available here than in the city itself and more residential projects coming up, buying a 3 BHK Flat in Electronic City Bangalore is what most of the people going for. The Electronic city is, as the name suggests, a home to some of the most valued names in the field of IT sector like Infosys, Accenture, Wipro and also in the field of manufacturing like Bosch, BHEL, General Electric among many more in other sectors as well.

Final Verdict

Right now, anyone and everyone who wants to have a decent and satisfying job or the best education in the world or are a part of the some of the finest industries in various sectors comes to Electronic City. More often they fall in love with a house made by one of the many property developers here and buy it. Also people from abroad and around India find it a good investment to own house here. The prices here range from Rs.12700 per. Sq. ft. to Rs.14500 per. Sq. ft. as of March 13 depending upon the builders and the type of facilities you are looking for. There is no question that a 3 BHK flat in Electronic City Bangalore will stand the test of time through any economic scenario and make you feel proud of this decision that you took for your family, for you and their future.

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