Basics You Should Know About Concrete Wire Cutting


Concrete wire cutting, also known as concrete wire sawing, is a modern approach or rather latest technique for concrete sawing. It is mainly used for complex concrete cutting projects where traditional alternatives doesn’t seem so efficient.

The equipment used in the technique is called diamond wire saw. It comprises of a thin wire coated on the periphery of the concrete saw equipment as an abrasive material. The wire in the discussion embraces diamond composites that enable the machine to cut through hardest of concrete material to the needed depth.

When choosing diamond wire cutting is important

The biggest advantage in using diamond wire cutting equipment is the peerless versatility it offers. Sometimes the material that needs to be cut is extremely large, extremely hard while the worksite is quite restricted for a traditional concrete cutting saw. In such scenarios, a diamond wire cutting saw proves to be more effective and more efficient choice to accomplish the project.


The diamond wire saw is perfect for taking out large areas of reinforced concrete that other cutting saws can’t do. It can also be customized to segment other obstacles like metal engine blocks. Wire saws coated with diamond bits also ensure excellent performance while cutting through reinforced rebar, concrete retaining walls and steel-encased concrete.

Major benefits of diamond wire cutting

Besides versatility, following are some major advantages of diamond wire saws used for concrete cutting.

  • High quality work guaranteed in any challenging worksite setting like underwater
  • Capable of cutting through any part in any direction
  • Zero to little impact on the environment
  • Lesser noise
  • Lesser vibration
  • No space constraint
  • Ensure safe operation
  • Quite flexible and fast

On top of all, diamond wire saw ensure smooth cuts, even in restricted area such as bridge deck.

Finding the right diamond cutting specialist

Due to their immense strength and unmatched adaptability, diamond wire saws have become an inevitable tool for all diamond cutting and diamond drilling companies in London. You can ask peers, industry experts or simply resort to the web to find the right diamond cutting London company.

It is recommended to consider all services offered by the company. Check if the company has done enough projects of wire cutting into the construction sector of the UK. The more experienced they are, the higher proficient and skilled they are. So, don’t hesitate asking the establishment year of the company, the range of services they offer and the kind of projects they have handled.

A good concrete cutting and drilling specialists ensure equal attention to all projects, no matter how simple or complex the project is. Diamond wire cutting is extensively used to cut and haul large piece of concrete from towers, bridges, dams, piers and other structures.

If you are conducting the search on the web, you can request multiple price quote from different concrete cutting service providers. However, remember that not all that comes at a cheaper cost ensure good returns. It is wise to communicate your project and other needs in detail to make learn if the company you have chosen is capable of fulfil your concrete cutting needs in the most effective manner.


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