Selling Storage Shed Kits Online

So many people are looking for an angle to make money on the internet that you might be forgiven for thinking the market was already too crowded for any new entrants. However, if you can find a range of quality products and a supplier that is willing to sell them to you at wholesale prices, you stand a very good chance of turning a profit if you know what you are doing. Prefabricated sheds are a great choice as they are popular all around the world and are relatively easy to ship. If you like the idea of selling shed kits across the globe, read the following short guide containing useful tips on how to get started.

Preparation is key

  • Establish that there is a market for the type of sheds that you plan to sell. There are many different types available so you will need to do your homework before you decide which ones to start selling. Assuming that you only have a limited amount of capital to start your new business, you should focus on one particular type at first. Once you have established yourself as a going concern, you can think about expanding the range that you stock and trying to grab a larger share of the market.
  • Make sure that your suppliers are reliable and competitive. If you are going to survive the first difficult months and years of being in business for yourself, you will need all the help that you can get. A supplier that cannot deliver on time or whose prices are not highly competitive will hamper you from the very start and it will be difficult for you to make a profit.
  • Find a reputable and flexible freight forwarding agent. It will be much easier to ship your sheds across the globe at competitive prices if you secure the services of a logistics consultancy such as Feltons NSW or one of their counterparts in whatever part of the world you happen to be located. However, location need not be a deciding factor when choosing an agent as the truly global concerns are willing and able to serve customers in all regions. Focus on finding one that understands your business needs and that has the experience and network of contacts to suggest and implement the most efficient transportation routes and methods available.
  • Talk to your bank about merchant services that will allow you to accept and process credit card payments quickly and economically. If they are not able to give you what you need at a reasonable cost, shop around. There are plenty of financial institutions offering similar services so you should be able to find one that can meet all of your needs without too much trouble. It is essential that you have a secure payment facility in place from the very first day that you open for business or you will lose a lot of custom to your competitors.
  • Hire an experienced design and development team to create your corporate website. Sheds may not sound like the sexiest product to sell online but with the right design and promotion, you could have a very exciting and profitable business on your hands. If you want to appear high in the rankings on search engine results pages, you will need to optimise your site too. The same company that design and develop your website may have an SEO expert who can help but if not, look at the highest ranking sites of your competitors and try to find out who they are using. A firm with experience of working for other companies in the same line of business as yours will be able to understand your requirements more quickly and comprehensively, which will save valuable time.

Everybody who owns a house with a garden is likely to need a shed and those that come in kit form are becoming increasingly popular in countries all over the world. In short, there is a huge potential market for prefabricated storage buildings and those people who do their homework and make sure that their supply chain, finance and website is in order before they open their doors from business will have a head start on the competition.

Author bio

Zara Toft is a writer working for Feltons NSW on a freelance basis. Feltons is one of the leading providers of import and export services and custom clearance in Australia.


Zen, and the Art of Minimalist Kitchen Design


To plan your minimalist kitchen, begin with a solid, meaningful concept. Think of your kitchen as a piece of art, and consider how you can use the room’s utility and purpose to represent your chosen concept. Some great subjects include a single painting or vase, the kitchen faucet, or even bar stools or chairs. If you need help with the idea or the re-design, do not hesitate to involve an interior designer. However, with or without a designer, understanding a few principles is useful for your project and for adding value to your home.

Minimalist interior design is styled after Zen philosophy. To effectively express a concept through minimalist interior design, the subject must be expressed in its purest, most simplistic form. Any breaks in the design unity will distract the eye from the essence of the concept or subject. Chromatic spontaneity, intricate details, and eclectic flairs are not found in minimalist kitchens. Bear in mind that less is more, while also finding a balance between the design and the purpose of the space. You may want a sleek, simplistic design, but the space should be pragmatic for you needs, which is preparing food and entertaining guests.

Start with the essential elements of any kitchen. You will need to consider the materials for appliances, counters, sinks and faucets, floors, and cabinets. For example, metal is a fundamental material for any kitchen space. Minimalist designs can also make use of wood and concrete elements. Don’t be afraid to incorporate more than one of these materials. You can add warmth to your minimalist kitchen by using wooden cabinets to contrast metal appliances. Many times, a minimalist design utilizes grey or white tones; however, you can incorporate color. Just choose a single, dominant color.

Minimalism requires the design to be space-conscious. This means that accessories should be limited and that they take up little space. Decorations should not stand out from the room, and should never be in the way of your food preparation. For the most part, keep your spices and oils, dishware, and small appliances in the cabinets. Well-thought out cabinet design along with a large kitchen island will help accomplish this.

You’ll want your furniture to have clean, straight lines, and all the room’s elements to be based on geometric shapes. Consider selecting very simple metal hardware or choosing cabinets designed to be pushed open or easily pulled open from small grooves. Additionally, light should fall from overhead through sun lights, recessed lighting, and fixtures that are not distracting.

Some final tips to keep in mind are that if you are re-designing an open kitchen, then your design will need to match the surrounding rooms. Also, after the design project is completed, avoid adding new elements or decorations. Keep track of clutter, though this will be difficult if you have kids. Remember, the ultimate goal of any minimalist design is creating a space to think and breathe. That means you have the perfect kitchen to efficiently prepare meals, focus on the food you enjoy with your family, and spend time with your friends and guests.

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